Raw Honey Vs Processed Honey

Raw and Unfiltered honey is honey the way nature intended.
Raw means the honey is very close to the condition of the original hive honey. Unfiltered means that it is minimally processed and not heated above 120 degrees because after all, Mother Nature’s honey already has the best flavor, aroma and nutrition, just naturally.

Pasteurized honey is inside all those bottles of clear golden honey you find on supermarket shelves. And it’s been cooked to over 180 degrees, filtered under high pressure and combined with diatomaceous earth (crushed stone fossils often used for filtering) to remove pollen debris. While it may look pretty on the shelves, the pasteurization process actually destroys much of the quality and flavor found naturally in honey.

To prevent crystallization raw and unfiltered honey is gently warmed to temperatures around 120 degrees. Then strained to remove the wax and “bees knees” before bottling, because most people don’t like bees in their honey. The result? A honey rich and full of flavor that honey lovers swarm to.


Always use organic ingredients when possible. Your body will love you for it…:)